Boulder is home.

Boulder, Colorado is a place like no other in the United States. Its small town feel boasts big city power. From its incredible restaurant scene, to its arts, culture, and entertainment draws; from its education opportunities—preschool to university—to its science and tech industry. With never ending outdoor activities at your doorstep, the active lifestyle Boulder also contributes to Boulder’s uniqueness.

With approximately 98,000 residents, the City of Boulder’s 25 square miles are surrounded by over 54,000 acres dedicated to Parks and Open Space. The City caps its annual growth rate at 1%, thus ensuring that the things residents love about their town will remain a part of their future.

This town, where the Rocky Mountains converge with the Great Plains, has long captivated the imagination of those looking to make a better life. With innumerable sunny days and and arid climate, the weather in Boulder is a driving force in making people want to call it home.

  • Boulder is home to athletes.
  • Boulder is home to active parents.
  • Boulder is home to education.
  • Boulder is home to musicians.
  • Boulder is home to technology.
  • Boulder is home to animal lovers.
  • Boulder is home to scientists.
  • Boulder is home to foodies.
Boulder is home, and its many opportunities make it the ideal place to live the perfect lifestyle.